US, Taiwan urge work together on important IT supplies

The United States and Taiwan are natural partners when it comes to important computer parts, the head of a US research group said this week.

Brent Christensen is Director of the American Institute in Taiwan (AIT). He said it is important for the United States to increase this cooperation

The United States increasingly sees Taiwan as an important part of its plan for sourcing and products from countries other than mainland China. This is particularly the case for computers and chips.

Computer chips are small pieces of hard material that contain many electronic circuits. These devices are used in computers and other electronic devices.

Christensen spoke at a ceremony for a new chip factory for Powerchip Semiconductor Manufacturing Corporation in central Taiwan. Christensen said he was there “to reaffirm the will of the US government focus on supply chain security.

The term supply chain describes the processes involved in producing goods and delivering them to the people who will use them.

Christensen said that “President Biden and President Tsai have rightly identified the semiconductor industry” as very important.

Semiconductors are used in electronic devices. These are materials that help control electricity or heat.

Christensen added that semiconductors were not only important for economic reasons “but also for national security”. His office provided a written record of his comments.

Christensen pointed to the launch last year of the Partnership for Economic Prosperity Dialogue between the United States and Taiwan as a way for the two sides to form a group or coalition “against unjust economic and investment policies of the United States. RPC ”. PRC is the abbreviation for the People’s Republic of China.

Taiwanese President Tsai also attended the event. She said she would ensure that the government fully supports the development of the semiconductor industry. Tsai described the industry as a ‘mountain interval protect the country. “

Taiwan’s central role in chip production gained attention during the COVID-19 crisis. Demand has increased for laptops, tablets, and other computer equipment that allows people to work from home.

This increased demand has helped companies like Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company. It is one of the largest in the world Contract chip makers.

Foreign governments and companies have also called on Taiwan to help alleviate the shortage of chips used in automobile manufacturing. The shortage has slowed down the work of automobile factories around the world.

American companies also have plans. This week, Intel announced a $ 20 billion plan to increase its chip manufacturing capabilities.

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focus – v. get (something, like attention) to be directed to something specific – + on

interval – not. a series of mountains or hills aligned

Contract — not. a legal agreement between people, companies, etc.