The best computer accessories for your office

Oddly enough, it took a whole pandemic to get people to pay more attention to the way they work. It wasn’t until a large chunk of the workforce was forced to set up their own workstations at home that they started to really think about what their workspace should look like. Even do a quick search on YouTube and you’ll find a bunch of new content about people showing off their desktop setups. If you’re the type of person who always wants to make sure your workspace allows for maximum productivity while minimizing distractions, then you’ve come to the right place.

A computer can be used for a lot of things. Sometimes it is used as a media consuming device to play videos on YouTube or Netflix. Other people use it recreationally to play casino games on sites like: or on Steam live. But for the most part, people really use computers to maximize the efficiency of the way they work.

Paying close attention to detail can go a long way in maximizing your efficiency while you work. It’s about the ergonomics of your workspace and making sure that everything serves a certain purpose in the functionality of your workflow. Too often people get bogged down creating aesthetic workspaces even if they add nothing to a person’s productivity. In fact, there are many aesthetic pieces that can only further disrupt a person’s workflow or serve as a distraction. In this article, we’re going to highlight some of the best accessories you should be getting for your office.

Laptop stand or monitor stand

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Whenever you design a workspace, ergonomics are always key. Too often, people will be working at their laptops with their shoulders rounded and their backs slumped while looking at the screen. Ideally, you always want to keep your back straight and look straight ahead to maintain ideal posture. This will put less strain on your back and allow you to stay focused longer while you work. You can elevate your laptop with a dedicated laptop stand or purchase a separate monitor that is mounted on your table. For this to work, you may need to purchase a separate keyboard which is also connected to your laptop.

Wrist rest

Carpal tunnel syndrome is a condition that plagues most people who spend most of their days typing on keyboards. It mainly affects secretaries, writers, programmers, etc. The carpal tunnel is a small passage located on the palm of the hand. Sometimes typing for long arms can strain the nerves in this area, creating a tingling and numb sensation that can be bothersome. Carpal tunnel syndrome can be prevented with the use of a dedicated wrist rest that relieves the strain on this part of the hand.

Ergonomic chair

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It might not necessarily be on your desk, but investing in a good ergonomic chair is definitely an important part of the overall work setup experience. It is important that you invest in a chair that offers good lumbar support while making sure you maintain good posture while you are working at your desk all day. The best ergonomic chairs on the market are highly adjustable to meet the individual physiological needs of each individual.

Monitor lamp

The monitor lamp is a bar attached to the top of the monitor and used to illuminate a desk without creating glare on the monitor screen. The primary goal of surveillance lamp is to diffuse harmful blue light coming from the computer screen while minimizing eye strain. This is especially useful for people who work long hours at night or who don’t get a lot of natural sunlight in their workspace.

Wireless charging mat

The world is going wireless and we should all be thankful. You don’t want a desk cluttered with cables and wires everywhere. If you want to charge your phone, you need to use a suitable wireless charger. If possible, get one that can also hold your phone, smart watch, and wireless headphones. This way all your products stay on the go and ready to go when you need them.

USB hub

Finally, you need a voucher USB hub. You will be adding more and more technology to your desktop, and your computer cannot handle all of this on its own. Having a dedicated USB hub can be a great way for you to easily manage your I / O ports in one neat package.

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