Old clothes, plastics and computer parts used to carve paths in Nottinghamshire’s new ‘eco park’

Walkers say they are shocked after a property developer apparently used large plastic objects, old clothes and computer parts to create a path on an ‘eco-park’. Persimmon Homes advises that the trail is not yet complete and will be completed to the “correct standard”.

An ‘ecological park’ has been proposed on the site of the new Teal Close housing estate in Gedling. It is part of the ongoing construction of the so called “mini town” just off Colwick Loop Road.

Hundreds of houses are being built in different phases. However, those who regularly use the meadows around the lagoons have noticed a bizarre feature of the new ecological park.

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Jo Swann, who regularly walks the area, says she noticed that much of a new path in the park had been built using plastics, computer parts, old shoes and dozens of recycled waste. Concerns about dogs being walked in the area have also been raised, as the base of the trail is filled with glass and similar sharp objects.

She believes it to be recycled waste which has been used as substrate for the footpaths and told Nottinghamshire Live: “It was really quite shocking. There is a dyke that runs from Teal Close and I noticed that they had done some work there and it became apparent that there was all this rubbish under my feet.

“I think this block of land has been divided into a buffer zone to protect the lagoon and the wildlife, which is ironic. I don’t know if the waste hasn’t been broken down enough. I guess it will pass through above but I’m sure it contains heavy metals that could end up in the lagoons.”

The base of a trail at a new ecopark in Teal Close is filled with plastics, computer parts and old clothes, raising concerns

It is understood that the routes have not yet been completed. Nottinghamshire Live has approached the developer for comment.

A spokesperson for Persimmon Homes said: ‘Construction of the eco park trail is ongoing and not yet complete. We understand the concerns raised and will ensure that the trail, when completed, is built to the correct standard and approved specification. »