Lenovo announces new ‘Go’ computer accessories for the office

There are plenty of brands of accessories out there for your computer, but it looks like Lenovo wants to throw its hat in the ring as well. The company recently announced a sub-brand called Lenovo Go that will create PC accessories designed for what the company calls a “hybrid workforce”.

According to the company, “As more companies adopt remote work policies, attention is turning to technology that must enable effective collaboration, boost individual performance and productivity, and maximize engagement and motivation. Lenovo Go aims to provide the complementary tools that effectively bridge the gap between office, home, and between and turn a great experience into a great one.

The first accessories to be launched include a USB-C laptop power bank and a wireless multi-device mouse. Starting with the battery, this is a 20,000mAh battery with an output power of 65 watts, which means it should be strong enough to power your laptop at least once. Then there is also the wireless mouse which is truly wireless in the sense that not only is it wireless, but it can also charge wirelessly.

It will be able to work with a Qi compatible charger, so if you already have wireless charging products at home, you can charge the mouse in the same way. Both accessories are slated to release in June with the Lenovo Go USB-C Laptop Power Bank priced at $ 89.99, while the Lenovo Go Wireless Multi-Device Mouse will retail for $ 59.99.

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