Computer Store Uses Skusta Clee, Zeinab Harake’s Fake Chat To Promote Products

File photo of Skusta Clee and Zeinab Harake (Instagram)

A computer store has gone viral on Facebook for posting about a made-up conversation between a Filipino rapper Skusta Clee and his vlogger Zeinab Harakesupposedly before they broke up.

The shop called “PC Alley Sales and Marketing” posted on June 25 a fabricated conversation between Zeinab and Skusta to cleverly promote their products.

The post also attached a photo of the two social media personalities as part of her gimmick.

To make it believable, the post began with: “The conversation between Skusta Clee and Zeinab Harake after the issue leaked! And he says: “

The Fake Conversation was also written as dialogue with enough emotional and intriguing lines to read to the end.

Skusta first greeted Zeinab and their child Bia.

He then allegedly pleaded for them to talk and resolve their relationship issues. Skusta also said that he misses her and Bia.

In her supposed response, Zeinab asked Skusta to listen.

And then her lines surprisingly jumped to promoting store products – laptop, computer and other accessories.

“Skusta, il na siguro the best pagkakataon mag-usap and maghaharap tayo, so please listen to me very carefully…” reads Zeinab’s line.

“If you have computer needs like laptop, computer, computer parts, computer table, gaming chairs, in any case, you can contact us directly or visit us at our branches” , he added.

PC Alley’s approach seemed to work.

His post quickly exploded on Facebook. As of this writing, her post has garnered 133,000 reactions, 6,200 comments and 35,000 shares on the platform.

Of the reactions, most were laughing emojis at 131,000. This was followed by 895 likes and 163 angry emojis.

In the comments section, the administration of the page pointed out that the post was just a joke for its followers.

This was a response to a user who left an angry comment on the page.

“Mga user para mapansin ang page nila! So sad!” said the user.

PC Alley replied, “Please don’t take this joke/post seriously. Let’s just enjoy our lives and spread the positivity. God bless you all!”

Meanwhile, several online users were amused and impressed by the fabricated narrative on the post.

They joked that it was for people who like gossip or “mga marites” in internet slang.

“Di naman ata tayo don masyado napanghahalataan mga marites, right? said a Facebook user.

“Marketing strategy for women HAHAHAHAH,” another user commented.

“Palibhasa alam na alam mo paano ako kunin eh,” one user joked.

Others jokingly expressed their disappointment and urged the administration of the page to continue with the fictional story.

“Disappointed po kming mga marites. GRABE NAMAN MARKETING STRATEGY WOOH,” said one user.

“As Marites I am very disappointed,” another user said.

A quick check of the conversation showed that other online sellers and brands were using the same strategy to promote computer parts and services; jewellery, mobile phones and vape, among others. The Team Lakay Foundation also promoted its training center and its merchandising.

Zeinab, who has 12.7 million YouTube subscribers, confirmed her split from Skusta in May 2022 in an interview on Toni Gonzaga’s YouTube channel.

The vlogger also shared that she and Skusta separated after her miscarriage with her baby named Moon.