Walkers say they are shocked after a property developer apparently used large plastic objects, old clothes and computer parts to create a path on an ‘eco-park’. Persimmon Homes advises that the trail is not yet complete and will be completed to the “correct standard”. An ‘ecological park’ has been proposedRead More →

TIRUPATI: Chittoor Police on Tuesday busted an interstate high-tech gang that stole computer parts and peripherals from various educational institutions in Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka. Five of the arrested gang members were identified as K. Murali (40), P. Sekhar (39) from Vellore district in Tamil Nadu, P. Venkata Siva ReddyRead More →

TIRUPATI: Chittoor Police in Andhra Pradesh on Tuesday busted an interstate tech gang involved in stealing computer parts and peripherals from various educational institutions by arresting five people after a case was recorded in the district. Those arrested were identified as K Murali (40), P Sekhar (39) from Vellore districtRead More →

GHz processor The general consensus is that a higher frequency on a processor spec sheet indicates better performance, right? WRONG. The truth is that unless you are comparing processors with the same microarchitecture, frequency speed comparison is worthless. You can compare an older processor like the i7-8700K with a newerRead More →

Source: Rich Edmonds / Windows Central Best answer: You should consider buying used PC components if you are looking for a good deal and understand that these parts may not perform as well as their new counterparts. It’s possible to get a good deal when it comes to refurbished orRead More →

The Trump administration appears to be lifting tariffs on some Chinese-made PC parts, including graphics cards, motherboards, and desktop cases. The U.S. Trade Representative granted one-year exemptions on dozens of Chinese imports on which President Trump previously imposed a 25% tariff on Friday. Although the list of exemptions is notRead More →