Bengaluru: Techie Joins University as Guard, Steals Computer Parts Worth Rs 35 lakh | Bangalore News

BENGALURU: A 27-year-old technician was arrested for theft of computer accessories worth over Rs 35 lakh from a private engineering school in Bagalur, northeast of Bengaluru, where he had joined as a security guard with a plan to commit the theft.
Investigation revealed that the accused Raj Patra, originally from Odisha and an electronics engineer, arrived here in 2018. Although he landed a decent job as a software engineer, his desire for quick cash made him change companies quickly and he started to steal.
Patra had committed a similar offense at an engineering school in Bhubaneswar, Odisha, again by becoming a security guard. Police suspect his involvement in several similar cases in recent times.
Police say Patra joined Dwarakanagar Private College, Bagalur Main Road, as a guard in mid-April. “In a few days, he studied all the premises, laboratories, classrooms and other places where computers were stored. Using duplicate keys and sometimes breaking into rooms through windows, Patra would take the system apart and remove vital accessories and processors from hard drives like RAMs. In this way, he had stolen parts from more than 200 computers between July 5 and 11, ”the investigation revealed.
The theft was revealed on July 13 when a member of the college’s technical staff, who was attempting to get the systems working, found the missing parts on the hard drives. The management of the college lodged a complaint.
At that point, Patra, who lived near the college in a small rented room, had left her. “His sudden disappearance from the workplace as well as the room indicated that he was behind the theft. Unfortunately, neither the college administration nor the security agency that deployed Patra had details about him that could have helped us find him. The cell phone number he provided to the agency and the college was turned off, ”an investigator said.
Meanwhile, Patra sold the props to city stores and online platforms. “Passing himself off as the manager of a company, Patra told buyers he has been selling parts of his desktops since moving elsewhere. Many people bought the items from him. At the end of July, Patra flew to Odisha, ”police sources said.
Crimes committed in Odisha too
After landing in Bhubaneswar, he joined another private college, named after a former chief minister, as a security guard. Within days, he stole computer parts and disappeared.
DCP (North East) CK Baba said, “During the on-site inspection, we discovered that important and expensive CPU accessories were missing. It indicated the hand of a professional. By this time, Patra had mysteriously disappeared and we have collected all possible details about her. Then we found him on social networks, claiming to be the director of a company and selling computer accessories. We found that in addition to selling accessories and processors online, he also sold them to stores in SP Road and Electronics City. It helped us find him and catch him.
“We set a trap by contacting him under the pretext of buying the accessories and asking him to come to Karnataka. We caught him in the act near Kolar, the place chosen by Patra himself, ”Baba said.
An officer said: “We alerted the police in Bhubaneswar about the arrest of Patra and his crime in their town. A team of two sub-inspectors has arrived here and will take him with them after obtaining permission from the local court.