9 computer accessories every geek needs

Everyone deserves a treat from time to time. So why not party the geeks with one of the awesome accessories below? Come on, you know you want to. Of course, you can always treat yourself at the same time, too bad you can’t.

We will kick off our list with this fantastic article. Most of us are familiar with this staple of social media memes, but have you considered owning it in physical form?

Throughout the day we all have good face moments. Let that fun facial pillow join you to share your pain and help guide your mouse.


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9 computer accessories every geek needs
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Any self-respecting geek would rather cut his head off than have his precious technology repaired by a professional. With the IFixit Toolkit, you have all the basic tools you need to repair a phone, tablet, or other small device.

It contains tools for opening cases, replacing batteries, lifting screens, tightening screws, and generally voiding the warranty. It also contains plenty of pricking and prying tools, as well as tools for easy rewiring and general DIY.

Enough said.

9 computer accessories every geek needs
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With the DMoose Cable OrganizerThe days of messy piles of cables are over. This entry on our computer accessories list helps you tidy away power cables for a clean and organized office. Good for the soul as they say.

Moreover, it makes your workspace cooler with its wooden cover and smooth appearance. Momentum cable The organizer also has four accessible cable cutouts made of flame retardant ABS material so that it offers better manageability behind desks, TVs or entertainment systems. And the non-slip rubber feet ensure the stability.

9 computer accessories every geek needs
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Is your webcam being used to spy on you? Who knows, but why not avoid all doubt with this handy little device. With his practical slide design, this cover can be opened or closed with a single movement of the finger. When Panda is on, the camera is off.

Plus, the cute Panda looks better than a piece of duct tape, right? Attaching it to your existing laptop is very easy. Its adhesive can be easily applied and removed without leaving traces of gummy glue. The slider is made of metal, so you can make sure it won’t break easily.

It is very thin and durable and will not interfere with the normal closing of your laptop. It is also suitable for most smartphones, tablets, desktops and other computers. The sliding element of the cover does not touch the camera lens and therefore cannot scratch it.

9 computer accessories every geek needs
Source: Senj / Amazon

There is nothing worse than being so absorbed in your work that your tea or coffee becomes too cold to enjoy. Why not remove at least one frustration with this awesome USB cup warmer.

Simply plug in your USB port, turn it on and place your favorite caffeinated beverage on the pad to keep it at the ideal drinking temperature for an extended period of time.

The pad also acts as a USB hub using a standard USB 1.1 interface. Its power cord is stretchable so it can be placed in a convenient location on your desk.

9 computer accessories every geek needs
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Piggy banks usually hold a lot of coins, but how much they contain remains a mystery until you open or break them. But SYYISA Piggy Bank shows you the exact amount you have in it, thanks to the LCD screen right on the pig’s nose.

Powered by 2AA alkaline batteries with standby mode, which can be used for three to five years, this money box is made of ABS material which is more durable than popular glass or ceramic money boxes. And he accepts

And he accepts all American coins, such as pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters, half dollars and dollar coins, and remembers the amount, thanks to the power-off memory function.

9 computer accessories every geek needs
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Blast those melodies instead of planet-destroying lasers with this Deathstar bluetooth speaker. You don’t have to be a Star Wars fan to appreciate the aesthetic qualities of this great little computer accessory.

The iHome Death Star Bluetooth Speaker is official Star Wars merchandise and makes a nice little desktop ornament. When in use, it has one-touch connectivity with any bluetooth device and it all lights up! Incredible.

9 computer accessories every geek needs
Source: The Wand Company / Amazon

This just might be the first fully functional wireless Star Trek Communicator all time. It can be paired with any bluetooth enabled device and was designed using 3D scans taken from a hero prop.

Once paired, with a flick of the wrist, you’ll be answering calls like Captain Kirk or Spock in no time. The device pairs over Bluetooth like any wireless speakerphone headset, except it’s a lot cooler. It is primarily designed for hands-free calls, but can also be used as a speakerphone. It is equipped with a high quality MEMS microphone for excellent call quality.

9 computer accessories every geek needs
Source: C CUERO / Amazon

The last on our list is a real treat. All of these other office accessories are perfect. But sometimes you just need to watch part of the way to and from the office. This handmade leather laptop the bag might just be the trick.

The bag has a variety of pockets on the outside to store tablets and other peripherals that you might need to carry with you as well as your precious laptop. The main bag consists of three compartments. The larger central compartment can easily accommodate most large laptops or files, etc. Frankly, this bag will make anyone’s day.

So this is it. Nine fantastic computer accessories for the geek in your life. Did we miss any other good examples? Please feel free to comment below.

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